North Ferriby-Le Pellerin Twinning Association


Due to ongoing uncertainties the visit to North Ferriby planned for May 2022 has been CANCELLED.

Forthcoming Events:

****Unfortunately, the Dance Night planned for

Saturday 28 May 2022 has been CANCELLED ****


Our next event will be the Annual BBQ and Garden Party on Saturday 20th August 2022.

Full details will be sent to members at the end of June.


Recent Events:

The Twinning Quiz night held at the Village Hall on Saturday 23rd April was extremely well attended and a great success. Thanks go to our guest Quizmaster Phil Walker for providing an interesting quiz and enjoyable evening.



The Annual Tom Clague Spring Walk was held On Sunday 20 March 2022. This year the walk was lead by Alison Peck and over twenty members participated. The circular walk commenced at North Cave Church and took in Nordham, Hotham Park and Hotham Village. The weather was excellent and everyone enjoyed the stroll and chat.

The walk was followed by an excellent lunch at the Half Moon pub in Elloughton. All in all a great success!

Celebrating 20 years of Twinning

Our friends in Le Pellerin have been celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their Twinning Association. As the photographs show the local shops were decorated and the Association had a stall in the market place. The primary school held an English lunch and the teachers did a presentation on North Ferriby. In the evening there was a Charlie Chaplin film, a wine tasting and a Beatles Tribute Band. Unbelievably the band's singer came from Hull!! We will celebrate the formation of the North Ferriby Twinning Association in March 2023.

North Ferriby is twinned with Le Pellerin, a similar sized village on the Loire, near Nantes in Western France.

We arrange visits in alternate years for our French friends to come to North Ferriby, and for us to visit Le Pellerin and enjoy each other's friendship and hospitality. We also arrange a programme of social activities each year.

If you are interested please get in touch, it's lots of fun and you don't need to speak French!


Janet Aitken

t: 01482 640224

m: 07930 552989




Due to ongoing uncertainties the visit to North Ferriby planned for May 2022 has been CANCELLED. A combination of restrictions due to Covid; the lack of feasible travel options; and, the new documentation requirements, for travel to the UK, have made it very difficult for our friends in Le Pellerin to plan for a visit.


The Annual General Meeting

The AGM was be held on Tuesday 8 February in the Priory Room at NF Village Hall.

Attendees at the North Ferriby Twinning Association's Annual General Meeting 2022



On Saturday 27 November 2021 the annual Christmas Market was held at North Ferriby Village Hall. The Twinning Association again had a stall and presented food and crafts with a French flavour.


The Village Hall was the venue for the Twinning Association’s first ever Race Night, held on Saturday 13 Nov 2021. No, it wasn’t serious betting! It was just a lot of fun and a very welcome opportunity for a community get together to meet friends, have a laugh and a drink, and enjoy some light hearted entertainment. About 70 people attended and judging by the comments and messages afterwards, everyone had a great time and very much appreciated the opportunity to get out and do some socialising. This was the first Social Evening held by the Twinning Association for over 2 years.

We were shown films of 9 races, which as it was the Twinning Association were named after French classics, although how the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe ended up being run in Kentucky is a bit of a mystery. In addition there was a horse themed film quiz which had most of us scratching our heads, although we did appreciate at least one obvious answer (Black Beauty)! Many thanks are due to Gareth and Nick James for keeping the rabble in order while officiating over the races, and for a finishing touch even dressing splendidly for the occasion. Also to Ann, Michael and the committee and volunteers who manned the bar, put on a lovely supper plate, and did all the hard work needed to make this event a success. The good news is that we also raised some useful funds for the Twinning Association.

The 2021 Tom Clague Walk was held on Sunday 12 September

A stroll through Elloughton and Brantingham Dales was followed by an enjoyable lunch at The Half Moon pub in Elloughton

Twinning Activities resumed in August after a break of 19 months due to Covid restrictions

Summer Garden Party and BBQ

On Saturday 24 July we held our first social event since lockdown which was the Summer Garden Party which was kindly hosted by Michael and Ann Welbourne. It was well attended and a good time was had be all.

A Summer Picnic in Le Pellerin

In June the Twinning Association, in Le Pellerin, held a picnic to celebrate the easing of lockdown in France. It was good to see so many familiar faces looking fit and well.

Le Pellern Twinning Association AGM

The Twinning Association in Le Pellerin held their AGM in October. A number of activities are planned for next year including a special 'English' weekend in March; an English meal in the School; events to integrate the activities of the Association with the wider community and clubs in LP; and, (Covid permitting) a visit to North Ferriby in May 2022.

Alain Broussard and the Committee presenting their reports on the year and plans for 2022

A well attended AGM in Le Pellerin

Le Pellerin has its own Twinning Association with a similar purpose, structure and activities to our own.

The website for the Le Pellerin-North Ferriby Twinning Association is

More information about Le Pellerin can be found

For more information on Loire-Atlantique visit

This site replaces our former website

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