Visits FAQs

Who organises the visit to France?

Our Committee chooses a date after consulting the Le Pellerin Committee (who decide the programme of events).

How long does it last?

4 to 5 days

How do we travel?

We make our own way there so that you have flexibility but we usually book on the same flight to Nantes airport and the French families pick us up from there. We normally use Ryanair and fly from a regional airport.

Where do we stay?

With a French family. Families are put with a French family of a similar makeup whenever possible (e.g. if you have young children then so might they).

Does it cost much?

No. It comprises the cost of your travel to Le Pellerin and a bit of spending money.

Do you have to speak French?

No. A bit helps but everyone understands the situation and meets you halfway.

How is it enjoyable?

A great way to meet people, have a go at speaking French (or improving your mime techniques) and being part of a community.

What happens when they come here?

They usually come in a coach from the airport and normally the family that you stayed with is accommodated with you (though circumstances can alter this). Our committee puts a programme of events together. This normally includes 'free time' when you entertain the family staying with you.

What do you do when you're there?

The Le Pellerin committee puts on a very good programme of events. Some of the time you are free and your host family will take you out.